14.12.2023 |

How you can use EM 2024 for your own brand goals

EM Event 2024

The European Championship is finally returning to Germany in 2024, and this home game is not only delightful for German football fans. Sports always serves as a significant economic factor, and with our full-service event solutions, you can benefit from the business potential of EM 2024 for your corporate event

But what could this look like?

At an event of this magnitude, a company can showcase its brand on the international stage and demonstrate its market presence to a global audience of millions. Industry experts therefore advise seizing the opportunity and expanding one’s marketing strategy in a timely manner.

The importance of events in the marketing mix is growing. Nowadays, 52% of CEOs believe that event marketing has a more positive long-term impact on Return on Investment (ROI) than any other marketing channel (Source: Harvard Business Review Marketing Report 2023).

This conviction is not unfounded, as a corporate event can offer you and your brand precisely what you are looking for:

  • Building an expert network consisting of key players and decision-makers in the industry.
  • Increased brand awareness through enhanced visibility.
  • Generating new leads and strengthening ties with existing customers.
  • Positive, widespread media presence that makes your corporate culture tangible.
  • A platform to introduce your product innovations directly and gather immediate customer feedback.

The economic power behind a professional corporate event and the mega-event of the European Championship 2024 seems immeasurable. With TEST Hotelreservation & Events, you gain an experienced partner in your team who enables you to unleash your full potential.

Use the EM 2024 entrepreneurial and plan your company event with us today at https://www2.test-meeting.com/microsite/index.cfm?l=3184&modus=