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Entertaining, Surprising, Motivating – Individual, Inspiring, Relaxing…

The Side Program offers a wide range of variety. We will always find the right pieces for your Plans.

Enjoy the role of the Host or Hostess. Invite your Employees, Clients or Participants to join an Event. On the basis of many years of experience in the Event Business, we are able to organize an easy-going get-together with snacks and music in the same professional way as we organize an exciting product experience with Pyrotechnics and Dinner in the Sky. Meeting a very tight timeframe might be a challenge but no obstacle. We are able to cope with it in detail thanks to perfect planning and organization. Be curious for our creative ideas that will turn your customized side program into an unforgettable Event – the box of ideas will always be full. We promise.

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Standard yes, Routine no
We assure you that Standard Programs will always be exactly customized to your wishes. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. But also standards might slightly different depending on the Event. We think, plan and act according to the situation. We control all the steps not leaving anything to routine.


International Activities
We continously update our contacts never hesitating to look for new Developments and Trends. This means we always have access to a grand portfolio of Destinations worldwide and are able to use all elements available for organizing your Side Program. Starting with Location to Technical Equipment, from Artist to Caterer – all current Insider Information and Secrets are stored for you.

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Our Program Elements
Supporting programmes Photography


Time passes by – the nicer catching it in a picture by a professional. Our Event Photographers have a very good feeling for the special moments being able to catch them right away. In times of Mobiles and Instagram the professional picture shooting at your Event is a symbol of Quality and Appreciation. Send a link to the Picture Gallery to your guests after the Event, and your guests will be able to enjoy the entire evening again.
Also your PR Team will also be pleased to receive expressive photos for their public relation work.

Framework programmes Technical equipment

Technical Equipment for the Event

The Interaction of Light and technical Equipment creates the desired Atmosphere. Classic style or ostentatiously festive. Or, do you like it in between? We offer counsel on which sort of Technical Equipment you would like to have for achieving the desired Effect for your guests. In addition, we have great knowledge in all Technical Details. We are able to plan which type of Technology you need for the perfect Presentation and, of course, we also take care of the organization and handling in the course of the Event – the microphone has to work when needed.

Supporting programmes Wizard

Artists & Show Program

Fireworks, Rock Band, Acrobatics or Magician? Your Preference? We offer international contacts to Artists and Service Providers for every Event and every Budget. If there is enough time in advance of the Event, you might want to realize individual Themes and Brand Messages in form of artistic performances. This way you always have things to talk about arousing excitement among the spectators. We are pleased to plan and organize an individual Show Program or a special Artist’s Appearance in accordance to your Image or your Brand Vision.

Supporting programmes Sports activity

Games & Sports

You want to involve your Guests? You would like to plan a Sports or Game Competition? We are on safe grounds here happy to contribute our Experience. Whether assigning groups, calculating time, setting up stations, bridging time gaps, evaluating results, or awarding winners, we are able to develop the personal program for you by combining Sports Elements and Gaming Competitions. We guarantee you an extraordinary adventure.

Customer Feedback

On behalf of the Kulturkreis, I would like to thank you once again for your support of the German Cultural Promotion Prize 2019! Thanks to you, the online registration in advance and also the accreditation on site had worked smoothly. I also found the cooperation with you very pleasant and uncomplicated. The Kulturkreis would be very pleased if we could continue our cooperation in the future. Many thanks once again to the whole team of TEST!

Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V.

“(…) The cooperation worked smoothly and to our great satisfaction. In spite of short-term changes on our part, our ideas and wishes could always be fulfilled. This allowed us to concentrate on other things, which made our planning much less stressful.”

JP Group A/S

“(…) This year again I would like to express my great praise to all colleagues involved, who supported me again energetically, (extremely) friendly, competently and patiently with the entire organization including all change and special wishes, in particular Mrs. Böhme, Mrs. von Rueden and Mr. Mattern. It was really a pleasure to work with the whole team”.

Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH

” (…) Thank you so much for helping me and us so competently and so quickly!”

Sigarth GmbH

“(…) I would like to thank you and your team very much for the very pleasant and friendly and perfect cooperation. You made my life a lot easier. I wish you all the best. Stay healthy”.

e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG

„ (…) My team had a great experience with your service, I heard from them a lot of compliments about the bus and the driver and that everything ran smoothly.
I really appreciate your and your team help and would love to keep working with you in the future.”

Drive TLV

“From my side I would like to thank you and all colleagues involved for your great commitment, your patience (because not all information came in a timely manner), your flexibility (e.g. postponement of dates from July to September) and generally for the very friendly and great communication with you! As I had noticed so far, the tour was blessed with best motorcycle weather. I will be happy to give you feedback as soon as I have heard from the colleagues, but organisationally it was very pleasant for me to work with you”.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great implementation of our event! The cooperation with you was characterized by productive suggestions, very good accessibility and professional support from start to finish!


“I would like to thank you very much for the always very pleasant cooperation in the run-up to the award ceremony. The online registration enabled the guests an uncomplicated accreditation and made our preparations much easier! Many thanks for the always quick and solution-oriented reactions to questions or adaptation requests!”

Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft

„(…) Of course, it was a big pleasure to work with you !!! You will be on board with us also in the future as our success is also linked to you huge professionalism, availability and kindness! You are the number 1! “

Dana Italia Srl

“Thank you very much for your support at SPS IPC Drives 2019. Your Meeting Manager was very supportive, which is why you would use him again – as discussed – at the Hannover Messe. Thank you very much (!) for your great commitment regarding the room price – and also in general for the great and professional support during the whole booking process.”

U.I. Lapp GmbH

“We have been working for several editions of fairs together with Test Berlin. For us it important to have local support that responds in a timely manner and is always very efficient in handling our new-coming and changing requests. They represent a professional partner, with a team of polite people that understand finding solutions to business needs.”


“I very much enjoy working with TEST Berlin as this is an agency that truly puts their customers first! The staff is highly professional and very friendly and will do their utmost to meet our accommodation needs and make our stay a pleasant one.”

Croda Nederland BV

“I would also like to thank you and the team of TEST Berlin! It really is always a pleasure to work together with you. I always feel I am in the best of hands and I receive absolutely competent and friendly advice!

Bondioli & Pavesi

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